Passing Is Inevitable

As the exam gets closer, just remember that you are capable of passing the bar.

You may pass this time, or you may not. Let’s trust our preparation, be arrogant, and do our best anyway. Our best now is enough even if our future best will be better.

But if you can graduate from law school, you do have it in you to make this your last time.

Like Kathleen who was a mother in her late 40s who graduated from a barely accredited law school.

Like Steph who was in prison for 32 years (who told me that checking for bar results was more stressful than checking on parole status).

Like Naoki and Ferdinand who never even went to an American law school.

Like Sam and James and other foreign-trained attorneys.

Even if you fail the bar, it’s not going anywhere. It’s going to stay in the same spot, while you keep getting closer and closer like a predator moving in on a prey. Therefore, passing is inevitable.

It doesn’t matter where you start. This is an acquirable skill. You can always get better. It’s always a work in progress.

You will get to a state of being where the exam is over (possibly for good).

On the upside, it won’t be as bad as the months of waiting in anxiety and ennui you’ll have to go through. But you can worry about that later.

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