Simple Ways to Improve Your Bar Essays

So I see that many bar students focus on MBE question earlier in their bar prep. Great!

I don’t really see anyone talking about Performance Tests in general. OK, that’s expected. I get that it’s not as interesting as the MBE or essays. Set aside some time for that maybe once a week.

That leaves essays. Love ’em or hate ’em, they’re still a huge chunk of your score. We’re gonna talk about essays, specifically, quick ways to improve your writing on bar essays.

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3 Illusions You Might Be Trapped In When Preparing for the Bar Exam

I see some strange juxtapositions whenever I make the mistake of leaving the house:

Words: “Don’t drive even after a beer. It’s dangerous.”
Action: Drives with one eye on the phone and another eye on the road

Words: “Do your civic duty and go vote. Here’s a sticker!”
Action: Actively avoids making a direct impact on the community through jury duty (I am registered to vote; sit down dude)

Words: “I’m never drinking again!”
One month later: “I’m never drinking again!”

(My low-carb diets taught me that bursts of “never” don’t last long and that sustainability and consistency are more valuable)

What are some other ones? Let me know in the comments what you’ve noticed.

And then we have bar takers. Souls wandering in limbo. Not yet a licensed attorney but not a regular person either.

We see some interesting behaviors with bar takers as well:

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Bar Preparation Is Hard… but You’ll Get Used to It

Let me guess. You don’t want to take this exam ever again. You want nothing more than to pass this stupid exam and move on with your life.

If your preparation for the bar is going smoothly, excellent. Today’s email is not for you.

If you’re feeling massive resistance, feeling unmotivated, and feeling just plain tired of it … maybe this will help.

I get it. It’s cold. It’s dark. It’s December. You have to think about gifts. Also, bar prep can be (is) boring.

I know you are working hard when you can. It’s good to see many of my readers proactively working and preparing and practicing. I can feel my size 0 heart putting on some weight this Christmas.

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