180+ Point Jump on the CA Bar Exam While Battling Health Issues

“Babe, wake up! Brian dropped another Fire-up Friday.”

Yes, that’s a real quote (maybe):

When I read Bella’s story, I told her: “Frankly, anyone who will have the privilege of reading this story will have no excuse.”

Now you have the privilege of reading her story.

Bella passed the 2024 February California Bar Exam on her 6th try. Well, that’s not THAT rare, right…?


Bella was going through some shit—literally.

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Passing the Washington Bar Exam (UBE) by Enjoying the Process and Moving the Needle

Roxanneh passed the 2024 February Washington Bar Exam (UBE) on her first try, with enough room in her score to spare.

💬 “I took the California bar twice unsuccessfully, and finally decided to go back to take it in Washington, where I went to law school. I passed Washington on my first try (and on a February exam) comfortably, with a score high enough to transfer to any of the UBE states.

But she switched from another bar exam elsewhere (California), so she still brings the wisdom of a repeater!

Let’s see what she did to make her attempt at the UBE successful.

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How to Gain Motivation Studying for the Bar Exam

You’ve seen all the euphoria from people who passed the bar exam.

You’re probably “inspired” and “motivated” when you look at bar exam success stories and accounts of people who excitedly announce they passed the bar exam.

When that happens, we say things like “if they can do it, so can I” (true). Or “I needed this today.”


That’s some “new year, new me” type energy. I’m not letting you off the hook like that.

Anyone can desire to pass the bar. Anyone can fixate on the goal and SAY they want it.

These are people who come to me desperate and lost… get “inspired” or gain “perspective”… and then return to the same old cycle looking for hits of relief.

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Ditching Commercial Prep to Pass the NY Bar While Working Full Time

Ashley passed the 2024 February New York Bar Exam on her third try.

💬 “I first took the NY bar in February 2017 and failed by 11 points. I tried again in July 2017 using the same strategy and was unsuccessful again. I felt incredibly defeated.

Yes, her first two attempts were 7 years ago!

How did she redeem herself and overcome her feeling of defeat?

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Busting 4 Myths of Memorizing for the Bar Exam

Many bar takers are obsessed with the idea of memorization for the bar exam.

Understandably, a lot of students naturally panic and have concerns about it. I think it comes from a place of insecurity. There’s a LOT to remember after all.

Panic mutates into paralysis.

They think, “As long as I memorize this perfectly, I will be set for the bar exam.”

They end up holding a bag of theoretical knowledge they don’t know how to use, neglect the performance test in the process, and end up with a score that’s not terrible but not great either. After all, they still memorized everything enough to stumble through.

This is a common thought process, especially for those starting out. This may seem to be a safe approach, but it’s actually reckless.

Maybe that’s why people are excited about the possibility of open-book bar exams in some states. I eagerly await their realization that it’s not just about having access to information—but whether they can use it properly. Removing the memorization requirement doesn’t really change the exam. In fact, it will probably hurt if you’re wasting time looking things up.

It’s not that I’m ragging on memorization. You should memorize for the bar exam—but not at the expense of learning. Memorizing is simply table stakes. Everyone’s doing it. It’s a minimum requirement. Just a cost of entry.

So you do want to start memorizing as early as you can.

But I want to point out what bar takers miss when they get tunnel vision around memorization. Don’t miss the forest for the trees:

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