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Bar preparation can be confusing… Let’s take a look at how you can get started today.

What is bar prep about? What am I even supposed to do?

People call it different things: bar review, bar preparation, studying for the bar exam…

If you ask me, it’s right in the name — preparation.

In other words, we’re not here to simply “study” or “review” things. We’re here to prepare to pass the bar exam.

This, of course, includes studying and memorizing rules. That’s a given.

It also includes things like time management, mental and emotional fortitude, juggling other responsibilities like work or family, learning the law, learning how to apply the law, and learning how to learn.

The word “preparation” is loaded with these different micro-actions, and it can take many different forms depending on where you start and what you need. It’s more involved than simply going through a program because ultimately you’re the one doing the learning. I just want to make that clear up front.

But you’re also not alone! Come join our active community of bar takers in the private Make This Your Last Time Facebook group. Having at least one other person who “gets” you will make bar prep more manageable.

Facebook group feels like a team

Resources to get you started

That said, here’s a live discussion I held on the things you need to get started on bar preparation. Some things covered: first things to do, scheduling, resources.

And here’s a quick list of guides and resources you can check out to get a head start on your preparation right away:

My 5 Rules for Passing the MBE:

How to Systematically Identify Issues in an Essay (Without “Issue Spotting”): (important)

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Suggested Supplements (good for 2021):

Taking UBE/MEEs? Find free and paid essay questions and analyses:

 Watch me speak in the Bar Study Motivation Podcast:

✅ Download all the past essays and PTs and selected answers for California Bar Exam + links to several years of MEEs and MPTs and their selected answers:

 Free Graded Essay Answer Bank (2013 and after, mostly for CA essays):

I need more of your old essays. Any jurisdiction welcome!

If you’re studying for the CA bar, visit BarEssays for more real graded essays. Let me know where to send you a $25 coupon code.

 Stories of Transformation:

 More Bar Exam Success Stories:


 Which bar prep should I take?
Barbri if you have to choose one.

Only if you’ve made a conscious decision about it. You’ll forget 99% of it. Bootcamp-style videos reviewing practice exams and such are OK.

 I failed. Where do I start?
Clarity is power. Here’s why you need a create your own study plan:

 Why did I fail?
Could be one or many reasons. Sometimes there is no reason. Your score report is a good place to get an initial bearing.

See my score analyses if you’re a CA bar taker:

 What are some things that repeaters did differently to pass?
Here’s my list:

And regrets of other bar takers:

 Which supplements should I get?
Check the Suggested Supplements link for a quick list of the most effective supplements:

 I already got everything. What next?
Use them (again). They’re only as effective as their wielder.

 Do I have enough time?
Make the time. You can learn a lot even within two weeks. 10+ weeks is better. 3-4 months is ideal.

 Lean Sheets or Magicsheets?
Magicsheets, duh. Ask around if you’re not sure.

See all my premium study resources and samples here:

What do I offer?
👉🏻 MAGICSHEETS: condensed outlines
👉🏻 APPROSHEETS: essay approach checklists and flowcharts
👉🏻 PASSER’S PLAYBOOK 2.0: step-by-step blueprints, strategies, tools, and approaches for efficient and effective bar preparation (plus sample study schedules and example student schedules for CA bar and UBE)
👉🏻 MENTAL ENGINES: mental support program

 Should I get AdaptiBar for the MBE? It’s kind of expensive.
There’s no rush. You can always get it later. If you’re on the fence, take a look at my balanced review:

You should also consider UWorld MBE QBank for its visual explanations and usage of current questions:

See comparison between AdaptiBar and UWorld.

 Should I get BarEssays if I’m studying for the CA bar?
I recommend it. Standard subscription should be fine.

 Do you have coupons for ___?
👉🏻 $30 off AdaptiBar
👉🏻 $25 off BarEssays (CA only)
👉🏻 25% off UWorld MBE QBank

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