I wish I found your blog before I started studying for the bar exam.
Reading your blog was like seeing the matrix code … and it made perfect sense when I read it. One of those things like “oh yeah, that makes perfect sense! why didn’t I think about it before!?”
—Valerio C., LLM
I am so glad I found you because truly, you are a voice of reason in the midst of the madness that is bar prep.
—Katy R.
i think this could be the next barbri honestly.
—my ex-girlfriend (after we separated)


Make This Your Last Time is a space for you, the bar taker, to achieve your ultimate goal of conquering the bar that blocks your path to a free life.

Make This Your Last Time - Brian Hahn

Yes, I am. What are you hoping to do by passing the bar?

  • “I need to pay off these damn student loans”
  • “All my friends have their own career… I don’t want to delay mine any longer”
  • “I finally escaped law school. I need to get this behind me and move on with my life so I can enjoy my weekends again”

But… it’s easier said than done.

  • “I have no idea what I’m doing”
  • “I’m emotionally and mentally drained”
  • “I’ve underestimated the work that goes into this”
  • “I don’t know why I can’t produce good answers, even though that person managed to pass. WTF?”
  • “Barbri/Kaplan/etc. was a scam, but I’m scared to stray. I have no idea how to approach this exam anymore”

Especially that last one. You know you enrolled in a prep course because it’s what everyone does. You’re scared and think that paying $$$$ is magically going to protect you from the valley of death between pass and fail.

It’s not. It’s always been up to you in the end. Scary? Too bad.

Of course they have to cater to the average student. It’s also tastier if they spike it with fear or sugar. But there’s no reason to drink the Kool-Aid and become an average statistic if you don’t want to be one.

Only you can prevent forest fires. But if you’ll let me, I will make sure that you actually get up and prevent those fires. I can’t predict your future, but I can try to help you get to the outcome you want.

I know firsthand how sickening it is to fail and have raw reality shove itself in your face.

My name is Brian (user “a male human” on TLS bar forums and the r/LawSchool #barprep Discord channel), and I failed to pass the California Bar Exam in 2013.

Scores from my first attempt at the California bar exam

This was a pivotal moment for me—the biggest one of my life. I needed to figure out this bar thing so I didn’t have to feel like a failure as a human.

After passing the following February, I wanted to fill the gaps left behind by all the “safe” blogs.

"Your emails and website was the only realistic take on bar prep that I found. A lot of sites that are available sugar coat the process and try and give a false sense of security to takers but I like the tough love approach that you give."

I’m not a first-time passer, and that’s a good thing because I made the mistakes for you already.

I found what worked. I found what didn’t work for me. I found what worked and didn’t work for others over the years of talking with hundreds of bar takers.

This isn’t just for California bar takers or repeaters. Everyone can extract insights from discussions inspired by the hardest bar exam in the country (debate me, New Yorkers). If you’re lonely and frustrated about the bar, I’m here to open up my chamber of secrets.

Given a choice, you want someone who knows what to do as well as what not to do, over a generic hotchpot of advice from someone who somehow ended up passing their first time.

It’s like your annoying classmate who passed the MPRE: “Oh, it’s really easy! Just study like the week before, lol.” It was “really easy” because you happened to pass, jackass. God, law students are the worst.

There’s a lot of BS out there that doesn’t really help and vague listicles telling you what you want to hear and already know. “Top 10 tips on how to memorize! Eat these fruits! Just issue spot! Do at least 2,000 MBE questions! Just be positive! Don’t worry; you will pass!”

But I’m invested in your success and getting you to pass, which is what matters in the end. I’ll give you a candid look at bar exam preparation after everyone else has bounced. My work is done if I’ve made myself obsolete.

I’ll be the first to tell you that this exam is gritty and difficult, no matter where. It’s not going to be easy. It’s not going to fill you with confidence.

But I will help you be less anxious and less frazzled than you need to be. It’s better to wish you were better than to wish things were easier. Progress is motivating.

I created this website because I was upset at the lack of reliable and useful information on the bar. My role is to make things more transparent and actionable using what I learned (amusing myself in the process) because the bar exam shouldn’t be this traumatizing.

for the bar-taking community

You’ll get the most thorough and insightful solutions for your problems about preparing for the bar exam here. Compare with other websites to see for yourself and see these success stories from some of my readers.

studies the exam over the law

No canned and droning lecturing or “advice,” just what I did, what others did, and what I would do if I had to take the bar again. Ultimately, it’s your bar. Do what works for you.

You could go out there and peck out the good advice from resources scattered all over the place. How do we even know if a piece of advice is good in the first place? With so much at stake, you can’t afford to try out random tactic after tactic.

BTW, that applies to my blog, too. All our lives, we’ve depended on “experts,” but ultimately, it’s about results for you. Am I helping you take action and become more effective? Am I pushing you to be your best? If my material isn’t working for you, do yourself a favor and look elsewhere.

That said, do you want to know how I did it (and how it worked for others)?

My philosophy is to empower you with the best chance of passing and moving on from this hazy world of bar prep. To that end, I offer these resources to help you Make This Your Last Time:

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"I looked forward to your emails every week, and they helped keep me motivated and focused over the past five months of studying (while working full time!)."

“Your emails and website [were] the only realistic take on bar prep that I found.”—Shannon

Here’s an interview I did on the Bar Study Motivation Podcast:

If it resonates with you, you’ll love everything I have to offer:
  1. Weekly emails: During bar seasons (May-July and Nov-Feb), I’ll send you material handcrafted by yours truly (see past emails). You’ll also get goodies when you sign up, like my free guide to kicking ass on the PT/MPT, coupons, and material I don’t cover on the blog.
  2. The blog is where I publicly discuss strategies and tactics needed to give yourself an edge over the other half of bar takers whom you’ll leave in the dust.
  3. Magicsheets are condensed outlines with 95% of the issues and rules you need to know for essays and the MBE in 5% of the length of a traditional bar outline. Out of frustration, I created and used the predecessor of Magicsheets to pass the CA bar exam on my second try. MBE subjects available separately. Combo with Approsheets also available (this is the most popular option).
  4. Approsheets are condensed essay attack sheets (templates in checklist and flowchart formats) that help you identify the relevant issues in an essay via systematic issue checking. Go from a blank page to a finished essay or outline. Non-CA bar takers also have found Approsheets helpful. Combo with Magicsheets also available (this is the most popular option).
  5. Passer’s Playbook 2.0: The MTYLT Action Guide for Future Attorneys to Prepare for the Bar Exam, AKA “the playbook” is a comprehensive collection of self-study guides and tools that I wish I had when I first took the bar. Comes with an “Accelerator Kit” so you can take action right away while the “aha” moment is in full effect.
  6. Mental Engines is a mental support program that includes lessons and strategies to take you from overwhelmed to focused, from unproductive to motivated, from anxious to calm… and even make studying enjoyable rather than stressful.
  7. The private Facebook community a supportive and lively 24/7 virtual study group where we’re quick to informhelp, support, encourage, inform, advise after passing, and congratulate each other, where I may share timely things or things that I don’t mention on the blog. Please note that a real name and account will be required for approval in order to keep it a safe and trusted community of MTYLT readers and friends. It helps to have law-related info associated with your profile and answer the short question, or be invited by an existing member.

And the only Buzzfeed article I will ever write.

If you have any burning pains, send me your questions, comments, confessions, etc. to brian [ ] makethisyourlasttime.com. I read all emails.

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