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“If I have seen further, it is by standing on the shoulders of giants.”

I don’t have any “advice” for you. MTYLT is just an autobiography about things that worked and didn’t work for me and for others.

But it’s not only my thoughts you should listen to.

Since you’re the dean of your own studies, you should carefully evaluate all the insights you get from me and other places, then decide what to apply.

So I’ve curated expert opinions for you here, from bar exam tutors, mentors, and other authorities I’ve come to trust. Check out these Q&As and guest articles:

BarEssays founder Gil Peles on California essays: Giving what the essay graders want to see on the California Bar Exam

Bar exam mentor Jennifer Duclair on mindset: Keeping yourself mentally sane during bar prep

Bar exam tutor Sean Silverman on strategies on how to win at the MBE, with questions no one’s asked him before

Bar exam tutor Eddie Reyes on how to find key rules for a passing performance test answer

👉🏻 Who else should I feature? Let me know in the comments below. A rising tide lifts all boats.

4 Replies to “Ask the Experts”

    1. Todd, is this for the California Attorneys’ Exam (with essays and PT only)? I suggest at least the Approsheets to tackle the essays, with Magicsheets to supplement if you need more details on the issues and rules.

  1. Hey Brian, do you have an example of a “cooked” essay(s) you did? I would like to see what you’re ending up with after 15 mins (5-10 with practice) so I can compare mine.

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