Why Are Pass Rates Lower in February? (Yours Doesn’t Have to Be)

Bar exam takers are some of the most anxious and superstitious people on the planet.

  • They spend more time agonizing over which subjects will be tested than prepare for each subject (and then get really mad when the subjects actually get leaked, like it did for California did in July)
  • They plug in numbers into score calculators to figure out how many correct MBE answers they could get away with… AFTER the bar (I’m also guilty of this)
  • They get worked up over the smallest indications of possibly passing the bar (“My account won’t let me sign up for the next bar exam! There’s some text that changed colors! My C&F status is different! Does this mean I passed the bar?!”)

It wouldn’t surprise me if someone used a ouija board to divine what a magic 8-ball would say about their bar results. (Spoiler: The answer is always “maybe” because there is no way to know beforehand.)

I’m only judging a little bit because it’s natural to get anxious over a high-stakes exam. But we sometimes focus on trivial minutiae as a proxy for the fundamental questions and answers.

One question that some repeaters (or first timers who don’t take it in July) have is whether they should take the bar in February or July. The lingering concern is whether the bar is harder in February than in July.

This is a valid question, but one that you ultimately need not worry about.

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How to Overcome Failing the Bar Exam and Change Your Reality

A law firm was about to give me a job offer.

Turns out they had a strict GPA cutoff of top 10%. Even the partner who pushed for me got in trouble for ignoring their antiquated policy.

The gatekeepers said: No.

That’s OK. A different firm had given me an offer the day before.

I accepted it. I withdrew from yet another interview process.

But there was an issue with a conflict check that took nearly a month to conduct. They rescinded the offer.

Blue balled at the last minute again!

“Who the hell are you to compare my failure to yours? Boo hoo, at least you have a job!”

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Bar Preparation Is Hard… but You’ll Get Used to It

Let me guess. You don’t want to take this exam ever again. You want nothing more than to pass this stupid exam and move on with your life.

If your preparation for the bar is going smoothly, excellent. Today’s email is not for you.

If you’re feeling massive resistance, feeling unmotivated, and feeling just plain tired of it … maybe this will help.

I get it. It’s cold. It’s dark. It’s December. You have to think about gifts. Also, bar prep can be (is) boring.

I know you are working hard when you can. It’s good to see many of my readers proactively working and preparing and practicing. I can feel my size 0 heart putting on some weight this Christmas.

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