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For the 2023 California Bar Exam and Uniform Bar Exam (UBE)

Magicsheets — the condensed attack outlines for bar prep

Rules and issues to know in just a few pages so you can grab points on the MBE and essays without wasting time, panicking, or getting overwhelmed

What other bar takers (and passers) say about Magicsheets…

“Your outlines were clear and gave me just what I needed to know; it was as if we were friends and you made them just for me.”

“Ease. Speed. Portability. Time. I want to work on my prep and readiness smarter not harder with less time and better outcomes.”

“I found the Magicsheets and Approsheets to be superior in their organization and condensation of the key issues and rule statements.”

Magicsheets helped them pass the bar exam and move on with their lives (CA, UBE, elsewhere):

Magicsheets make it easy to memorize the concepts (so you remember them on the bar exam):

Bar takers are EXCITED and HOPEFUL to study with Magicsheets (enjoying the process is key!)

Tell me if any of this sounds familiar…

  • Barbri outlines are stressing you out… You get tired just looking at them 😩
  • The amount of material you need to know feels utterly barbaric, and your bar review course only leaves you exhausted and braindead.
  • You took so many notes but remembered nothing by the end of it… You do one subject and move to the next, only to come back to it and… crickets.
  • You’re flipping through never-ending books and files collecting digital dust to hopefully retain enough buzzwords (to use on practice questions that you’ll do… eventually).
  • Your friends won’t stop posting their happy-go-lucky life updates (“Look at this! We have a house and a baby!”) and Bora Bora vacation photos on social media while you’re trapped in an uncertain cycle of hope and despair about your future career as an attorney.
  • You really, really, REALLY want to pass the bar exam and MOVE ON with your life, but this final hurdle is making you question your sanity…

If this is you, you’re NOT alone. And there is a way out of the cycle.

If you want out, you can’t afford to fall into the same mistakes I did on my first attempt.

Here’s the reality about bar prep…

Reality #1: You will forget 99% of what you “studied”… unless you DO something with it.

Reality #2: Knowing the law isn’t enough. You also need to know how to use it. “Knowing” the law conceptually is very different from knowing how to apply it.

Reality #3: Big box outlines are a good reference (like Wikipedia is) but WAY TOO LONG AND WORDY for you to efficiently memorize or practice with.

When you go to a Wikipedia page, you don’t read all of it, right? Just the parts that are relevant to you.

A box of thick books can trick you into thinking you have to know all of it. You could instead be gaining a practical intuition about which topics are tested by actually trying to solve past exam questions.

Flipping through pages and getting carpal tunnel trying to find that one rule for the practice question you’re doing isn’t a good use of your time either.

Your time is worth more than that (and will be even more after you pass the bar exam).

One of the mistakes I made throughout law school and my first attempt at the bar exam was to reinvent the wheel myself… A beginner’s ego trying to do it all, and in the end not even having the time to use my creation.

Look at what I wrote to myself on July 22, 2013 as part of an online course I bought and went through (yes, I practice what I preach and invest in myself too):

“My biggest worry at this point is the upcoming bar exam. I will never feel optimized, but I can focus on practice now that I’ve built foundation of theoretical knowledge the past 2 months.”

…What the hell were you THINKING, Past Brian?

Reviewing “theoretical knowledge” for 2 months and NOW you’re going to practice, a week from the exam?

You’re not doing bar prep just to transcribe expensive lectures, or be a tool collector putting together the information yourself. Your ONE job is to LEARN so that you can pass the bar, not feel drained from “studying” passively.

Stop “studying” and start learning. Busy work is easy work. Passive learning is an alluring trap that steers you away from what actually helps you learn, retain, and do well on the exam.

You just need a few source materials that have done the work for you already so that you can focus on the things that move the needle.

That’s why these “magical” condensed outlines will SIMPLIFY your life and make bar prep EXCITING. Oh, and btw, literal tons of bar takers have passed using Magicsheets, too. (Most bar takers just want to celebrate and move on with their lives, like the stories I shared above, a tiny fraction of what I get in my inbox.)

If it sounds like YOUR turn to ditch the frustration, anxiety, and overwhelm…

Breathe a sigh of relief.

And discover a way to learn the rules (and issues) to know for the bar exam, without getting overwhelmed, panicking, or losing your sanity and dignity.

Make This Your Last Time presents:


Magicsheets are condensed attack outlines summarizing the issues and rules tested on the California Bar Exam (under 60 pages) or the Uniform Bar Exam (under 70 pages).

They’re simple, easy-to-follow sheets that help you learn more in less time so your mind can focus on what really matters — passing the bar.

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