The Value of Redoing Problems (You’ll See Them on the Bar Exam)

So there was this girl in college. Let’s call her “Sarah” since that was her name.

Sarah had dark brown hair and smelled like fresh green apples. I could tell because my pillow smelled like a spring orchard after she took a nap on it.

… What? This was all before my life went downhill, so let me indulge in this memory for a bit.

One day, she asked me what my hobby was… the most dreaded question a guy can get because what the hell is a hobby and where can I find one.

Btw “eating” or “being a foodie” or “finding restaurants to eat at” don’t count as hobbies. Go back to posting boomerangs of your food and drinks on Instagram and nothing else (#blessed).

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Memorizing for the Bar Exam: How to Remember and Recite the Rules

There’s this weird phenomenon where you meet someone new and then 1 second later it’s impossible to remember each other’s names.

To be honest, if I didn’t care about them 10 seconds ago, I’m not gonna care about them all of a sudden as if they were my newborn (whom I’d name Genghis (Hahn) so I don’t forget).

But what can I say? It’s impressive, for that exact reason, when someone actually uses your name in conversation without having to say, “Sorry what was your name again? I’m so terrible with names hahahahaha.” 

Actually, I think I creeped my neighbor the hell out when I greeted her by her name after having met once. Well hey, some people just won’t appreciate you, and that’s how life is.

I was able to remember because of the same thing I did as a 1L: I used a notepad (now my phone) to write down new people’s names so I could keep referring back to them later. Kristina has no clue who I am now, but I remember meeting her on the metro bus on the way to the bonfire in 2010 thanks to that notepad.

Useless information I wish I could forget—I tend to remember the very things I want to forget about the most. But if it’s possible to remember names of people we don’t give a damn about, then it’s possible to remember the foundations for our profession.

One of the themes I advocate here regarding improving is to focus more on “big wins” and needle movers. Not spending an ungodly number of hours exhausting yourself with lectures, flashcard arts and crafts, or memorization.

However, memorizing (or more directly, remembering) is still an unavoidable base requirement for succeeding on your essays and the MBE.

And the fact is, your bar exam requires you to remember a LOT of shit. The typical brain is made for processing data but not so much for forcing discrete information to be inscribed into your memory forever.

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The Year of Extraordinary Results: 4 Ways to Pass the Bar This Year

Happy new year! It’s that time again when everyone suddenly forgets the correct year.

By the way, I don’t believe your “resolutions.” Look at your friends saying, “Hey, I’m SERIOUS about my New Year’s resolutions. THIS time it’s for real.”

Sure buddy. If they really wanted to do something, they would have started or done it already.

I won’t let you simply declare your resolve and call it a day. Anyone can have good intentions. Anyone can be interested. Prove that resolve by actually showing me results.

Let your results speak for themselves.

Before you start shouting at the wrong person (aka me), let me ask you this: How are those resolutions from 12 months ago going?

Thought so. Vague wishes are unsustainable for most people, myself included. Estimates put the “failure” rate of resolutions around 75-92%. But I don’t want you to be just another ordinary citizen.

Just smile and nod at people who want you to be mediocre
Just smile and nod at people who want you to be mediocre

No, I want your next year to be AMAZING. I want you to get everything you want, whether it’s to…

  • Pass the bar and leave it behind you forever
  • Get your dream job, start that career, make everyone proud, and trick them into thinking that everything in your life falls into place effortlessly
  • Live a normal life like the rest of your friends

Let’s do it. How can we mark the new year (and every year after that) with extraordinary results? My two cents:

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