What to Do After the Bar Exam to Live a Normal Life Again (21 Fun Ideas)

Weeks and months of insanity putting on life on hold to study for the bar exam.

The onslaught of psychologically tormenting questions.

It’s over.

The hard-fought battle has ended. The dust has settled. There’s nothing left. No rewards. Just palpable silence (filled only with “how do you think you did? oh wow”) and an empty space in your heart. What were you fighting for this whole time?

It’s hard to believe it’s over, isn’t it?

We get attached to the struggle.

Now yet another difficult part called “waiting” begins. It might be harder than the actual prep. After the shell shock that was the bar exam, what do you do?

mixed feelings after bar exam

What is “free time” again? Is it edible? Will life be the same?

Some people seem to be completely happy with this state of being, while others get post-bartum depression. Let’s recover from your mixed feelings and bring life back to normal.

Here are 21 ideas on what to do to stay sane now that the bar exam is over (ideas that have nothing to do with studying for the exam “just in case”).

21 ideas on what to do after the bar exam to get your normal life back

1. Sleep in. Don’t set an alarm. Let the sun rouse your weary eyes

2. Stock up your fridge. You can’t live on cup noodles anymore

3. Reach out to old friends (“Hey, did you age a bit?”)

4. Reach out to old bosses from prior internships (networking!)

5. Say thank you to the people who supported your preparation process. You can’t be grateful and fearful at the same time

6. Explore a local spot or go travel somewhere new. Take yourself out to an Instagrammable brunch

7. Learn how to do that thing you’ve been putting off because you were busy. Cook! Learn a new recipe! Exercise! Learn how to do a handstand! (I’m still working on this)

8. Go shopping for fall/spring outfits. Summer/winter passed by you

9. Visit a museum and stand in front of a piece with your hands behind your back. Contemplate on the art and not on the bar exam or your existential crisis

10. Check out (or window shop) Experiences and Online Experiences on Airbnb for fun ideas

11. Volunteer (“I want to go to law school to ~help people~”)

12. Get in touch with your local bar association

13. Read fiction, listen to a podcast, or watch a movie. Get through your queue (put that outline down)

14. Go outdoors where there’s sun (hiking, picnicking, beach bumming, etc.)

15. Go to a yoga retreat or a spa for a full-body scrub or whatever you spirit animals do

16. Take a course to obtain a different license or to learn something new (lots of free online courses out there)

17. Pick up a challenging video game because you’re a masochist now (I love the indie game Celeste, not just a typical platformer)

18. Do your laundry and wash the tears out of your pillowcase. Clean your bathtub for once

19. Find an internship related to your practice area of interest to pad out your resume (or go back to your job). See #4

20. Resist the feelings of regret about how you did on the exam

21. Give into the feelings of regret and generate projections of optimistic and worst-case scenarios of how you did

Did you notice there’s nothing about studying thinking it couldn’t hurt? It can hurt. You don’t want to burn yourself out.

Take a few weeks off at least. Let your experience simmer and gel in your body before you start studying again.

Some things NOT to do while waiting for bar results:

1. Be overly expectant, convinced that you must have passed or failed

2. Infer things like whether you passed or not from your bar admission status, whether your character and fitness application was accepted or denied, etc. There is no way to find out ahead of time

3. Strangle the next person who says, “You’ll be fine!” or “How’d you do?”

It ain’t over until the bar results say so (and you don’t get an email saying it was a mistake).

But what if you’re feeling anxious or worried waiting for bar results? Check out this article on 3 ways to reframe your anxiety.

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