Bar Study Motivation Podcast

I was interviewed in an episode of the Bar Study Motivation Podcast.

Give it a listen as you wind down for the day. I think you’ll find at least one good nugget you can use for your bar preparation. Some convenient timestamps:

2:00: What does passing the bar signal to everyone else? How can you reframe the pain you’re feeling during bar prep?
2:45: Pressure isn’t something to avoid.
5:30: My lowest point in bar prep and how I recovered.
8:15: How I scored on my first attempt at the California bar and what kind of score jumps are possible.
9:45: What helped me the most in making a difference between my first and second times?
10:15: There is no one single proven path. All bar preparation is a self-study endeavor.
12:20: How I utilized and didn’t utilize two different bar prep courses.
15:45: What did I do while waiting for results both times? Planting the “seeds” months or even years ahead.
20:45: Who did most of the negativity come from while I studied the second time? I suspect this is true for most….
22:10: Closing advice to someone studying for the next bar exam.
24:15: The mental, psychological aspect is just as important as the other stuff you’re usually worried about. The struggle itself—dealing with discomfort, overwhelm and anxiety—helps you. And my answer to lack of time.
26:45: Putting yourself in the shoes of the other side. Is the bar not also a test of empathy?
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Comment below with one thing you learned. Not only does that reinforce the lesson, it lets me know what you found helpful.

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