The Courage to Enjoy Your Mistakes Now

Our first date ended with her car getting towed.

She was the type of person to schedule her showers by the minute because of her absurd rotation schedule in med school. Yet she had taken three hours out of her life to meet me again for a second date.

I wanted to hold her hand so bad. A perfect pretext to see how she felt about me… that I ruined because I lacked three seconds of courage.

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How Do You Know You’re Practicing Correctly?

Remember our discussion a few weeks ago about the one non-negotiable study strategy?

Welp, everybody pack up and go home because that practice-and-feedback framework is probably the closest to a “secret” to studying there is (there isn’t one).

It’s a nicely boiled-down pearl of a learning approach, after draining and dusting off all the tips and tricks and various tactics that get stuck around it like barnacles. Of course bar takers get lost when there are so many different ways to go about preparing.

But I also love it because it identifies those who are perpetually looking to be “ready”—

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