You’re the Dean of Your Own Bar Exam Studies

Here’s something that people who pass the bar never say:

“All I had to do was listen to all those bar course lectures. They were so helpful!”

Can you imagine?

Sometimes we think “doing whatever it takes” to pass the bar means throwing thousands of dollars into a black hole. (But it doesn’t have to be expensive.)

Or following some unsustainable cookie-cutter schedule (which doesn’t care if you have other responsibilities like work or family). Good luck if you fall behind by one day.

Or letting a perfectly fine morning slip through by religiously sitting through 4 hours of droning lectures. Worse, pausing lectures to fill in all the notes. Then not even remembering 99% of it.

tfw you think the lectures are making sense

I remember those days. Those are things I didn’t do my second time. Here’s what I would do instead:

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How Do You Even Know You’re Practicing Correctly for Bar Prep?

Of course bar takers get lost when there are so many different ways to go about preparing.

You could try everything yourself, or you could find a few people you trust and ignore the rest.

I would rather pay someone I trusted literally 10x (or more) for insights I could apply, than information from 10 random people cobbled together. Just tell me what I need to know and the steps I need to take, dude!

Reason 1: Too much conflicting information actually STOPS you from doing anything.

Reason 2: I want the right insights, not just information. The information doesn’t even have to be perfect, as long as it makes sense to me and gets me to take action.

Reason 3: The more I respect the material (the more I pay), the more likely I am to do something with it.

How do you know whether to trust someone? Trust yourself to know.

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How to Craft Your Own Study Schedule with a “Macro-managed” Plan

The only thing I remember from law school is my negotiations professor saying this in class randomly:

“Anything worth doing is worth overdoing.”

It’s so true. Is bar preparation worth doing? Then it’s worth doing right.

By now, you’re filled with determination to study and get this thing over with… but how? Where do you even begin?

You may be lost and not sure where to start heading from here. Like you just ran into a dead end in an unfamiliar part of town and your phone’s about to die (which is why I finally got a charger for my car after months of denial about how good my phone’s battery actually is).

We talked about how you’re the dean of your own studies. You’re ultimately responsible for learning the material as well as the skills to apply the material.

Here’s a first step that will narrow down your routes and simplify the sudoku of choices…

First, you need a plan. Get an idea of your study schedule. I’ll show you how to craft a flexible timeline that works for you. Not a strict preordained prophecy you must realize to open the iron gates into the bar.

If a schedule is for everybody, then it’s for nobody.

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