Studying for the MBE, Whether to Delay the Bar to 2017, Working While Studying, and Scheduling with Tunnel Vision

There’s nothing like hearing your own recorded voice for instant cringe. Despite your reasonable assumptions, I am not a peak human and always have things to improve upon.

Meanwhile, let’s instead focus on what you can learn today from a coaching call I did with a reader so that you might be able to take away some insights for improving your performance on the bar exam.

Here’s a recording of my discussion with Kristy about:

  • Her score report and studying for the MBE to improve her score next time
  • Whether it’s right for her to delay her retake to the two-day CA bar in 2017
  • Working while studying
  • Scheduling with one-track tunnel vision.


Show Notes
4:15: How Emanuel’s helped Kristy on the MBE
5:30: The dangers of Civ Pro on the MBE
7:00: Why I recommended against delaying the bar until 2017 for Kristy (but may be right for you)
8:30: How AdaptiBar can help with the MBE
9:15: Concerns about AdaptiBar
11:00: Kristy’s concerns about Emanuel’s
12:25: Advantages and disadvantages of Emanuel’s Volume 2
14:25: Why it’s valuable to redo MBE problems
15:00: When you might use made-up questions
16:00: What you can do with a limited number of MBE questions and where the real benefit of doing problems lies
16:45: When I recommend that Kristy retake the bar vs. the least favorable option and the middle option
18:20: How I studied and worked in parallel
18:45: How Kristy felt when she took off work and when she didn’t take off work
20:00: The benefits of part-time work while studying
23:20: Reconciling “tunnel vision” with scheduling

Comment below: Which topic was the most important to you, and what did you learn from the interview? Anything you would have liked to see?

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