How Well Should You Be Doing to Feel Secure with Your Progress?

Not having a child has been my greatest contribution to humanity thus far. It’s not that I hate children; not all lights have gone green yet for me to spawn issue.

What do I mean by that? As a law person (Law…yer? Supposedly risk averse), equity trader (hobbyist), and blackjack hobbyist, I try to go through a process, an objective if-this-then-that test, that tells me that certain conditions must be triggered to proceed with a certain action with an acceptable reward/risk. Emotionally deviating from a set approach may mean your bankroll/account/negotiation gets wiped out.

And you can manage your own risk, too, through preparation. Preparation lowers your risk of non-passage. Thank you, Fleet Admiral Obvious! You’re welcome, but have you really thought about how much preparation is needed for an acceptable level of risk? When there are only a couple more weeks to go, the state of the union inevitably seems to turn to “this is awful i wanna die HELP!”

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Imagine Not Practicing Performance Tests

I was browsing the July 2014 CBX topic at top-law-schools dot com slash forums. It’s what I do as I look around my room deciding where to put the portrait of myself holding my own portrait. Of course, I never end up hanging it anywhere because it’s the journey, not the destination.


But then I came across these little . . . nuggets.

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