Want a discount on my study tools?

Times are tough. So I want to try something new to make this a win-win-win:

  • You get a discount (plus an opportunity to share or teach another bar taker–the best way to learn is to teach someone).
  • Grow the bar prep community with more activity. A rising tide lifts all boats.
  • I get exposure because I suck at self-promo. You’re here because you like what you see, but too many people “discover me too late.”

How much is the discount?

15% off a product of your choosing. Eligible products:

  • Magicsheets (MBE or full set)
  • Approsheets
  • Magicsheets + Approsheets bundle
  • Passer’s Playbook

Here’s how in 2 steps:

1️⃣ Mention, recommend, or drop a link to MTYLT within an existing thread in an authentic way in a social media group for bar takers. Ideally, such a community has over 1,000 active members, and you frequent it already.

Examples communities:

Example comments:

Your comment could include a casual mention or a link to the main page, a link to an article or a success story in the context of a teaching point to someone else, or an offhand recommendation that someone check out Magicsheets if they’re looking for study materials. These are just examples to give you some ideas, but you could get creative with this.

Please be tactful and mindful of community guidelines on spamming and promotion. Feel free to run your idea by me before posting.

2️⃣ Email me a link to the comment that you made. If your comment survives at least 12 hours (doesn’t get deleted for spam), I will set up a custom discount link for you.

While we’re making it easier on your wallet, here are up-to-date discount codes for AdaptiBar and BarEssays (California essay supplement).