4 Things to Remember for Performance Tests (You Won’t Believe #2!)

Many bar takers don’t know what to do with their time after they’re done with it. They forget what they used to enjoy.

They continue to study for the bar (just in case)… They take time off and go on a trip they can’t afford before going back to the real world (#funemployed)… They grind away at work and miss studying…

They’re bored.

“You’re bored in the year 2017? Isn’t there a mirror in the bathroom? You can look into it until it breaks,” I tell them passive aggressively but only in my head because social decorum dictates it.

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The Value of Redoing Problems

So there was this girl in college.

Let’s call her “Sarah” since that was her name. Sarah had dark brown hair and smelled like fresh green apples. I could tell because my pillow smelled for a few days after she took a nap on it. This was all before my life went downhill, so let me indulge in this memory for a bit.

One day, she asked me what my hobby was… the most dreaded question a guy can get because what the hell is a hobby and where can I find one (let’s be real; “eating” or being a “foodie” don’t count as hobbies).

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How Do You Get Motivated?

It is indeed that time of the year again, when entire populations of countries around the world suddenly forget the correct year.

I meant 2017
By “entire populations,” I mean me.


Public service announcement: 2017 is around the corner. If my calculations are correct, that means the February bar is just two months (or “two whole months” depending how you feel) away.

What you do during the holidays is up to you. You’re an adult, living confidently within the illusion of free will. Just because I did MBE questions (from the excellent Emanuel’s Strategies and Tactics for the MBE Volume 1) on Christmas morning while my dad was yelling doesn’t mean you have to.

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