How to Apply Rules with IRAC

Essays: Get the “I” and “R” right, and the rest should flow relatively naturally. So these “I” and “R” would be good place to focus on throughout your essay preparation.

Even if you had just a few weeks to prepare for the bar, there’s still time to learn the “A” part of IRAC—applying the rules. Once you learn how to work facts into your answer, you may not need to practice the “A” part as repetitively as you would for issue checking and rule recitation or memorization.

I’ll demonstrate a simple and clean rule application, based on this question I got:

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How Well Should You Be Doing to Feel Secure with Your Progress?

Not having a child has been my greatest contribution to humanity thus far. It’s not that I hate children; not all lights have gone green yet for me to spawn issue.

What do I mean by that? As a law person (Law…yer? Supposedly risk averse), equity trader (hobbyist), and blackjack hobbyist, I try to go through a process, an objective if-this-then-that test, that tells me that certain conditions must be triggered to proceed with a certain action with an acceptable reward/risk. Emotionally deviating from a set approach may mean your bankroll/account/negotiation gets wiped out.

And you can manage your own risk, too, through preparation. Preparation lowers your risk of non-passage. Thank you, Fleet Admiral Obvious! You’re welcome, but have you really thought about how much preparation is needed for an acceptable level of risk? When there are only a couple more weeks to go, the state of the union inevitably seems to turn to “this is awful i wanna die HELP!”

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Imagine Not Practicing Performance Tests

I was browsing the July 2014 CBX topic at top-law-schools dot com slash forums. It’s what I do as I look around my room deciding where to put the portrait of myself holding my own portrait. Of course, I never end up hanging it anywhere because it’s the journey, not the destination.


But then I came across these little . . . nuggets.

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