AdaptiBar Review: Is It Worth It? (2020 Update)

AdaptiBar. You keep hearing this name. What is it, some kind of protein snack?

AdaptiBar is an online study supplement for the MBE (Multistate Bar Examination, AKA the multiple-choice section of the bar exam).

The MBE has gotten a ton of criticism. For one, the president of the National Conference of Bar Examiners (NCBE) thinks newer MBE takers are “less able.”

Sure, buddy. Outside of la-la land, more and more students are reporting how hard these questions are getting.

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Double Your Bar Essay Practice with Essay Cooking

So cooking wasn’t one of my strengths. If you asked me to cook for you, you were risking becoming a permanent resident of the toilet.

It was hard for me because there are all these unfamiliar steps involved. I had to get the right amount of ingredients from outside my cave, process each ingredient, follow an alchemical procedure to put together something that looks edible. And then the worst part—clean up and store everything.

I’m not sure if it’s the onions that made me want to cry.

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4 Things to Remember for Performance Tests (You Won’t Believe #2!)

Many bar takers don’t know what to do with their time after they’re done with it. They forget what they used to enjoy.

They continue to study for the bar (just in case)… They take time off and go on a trip they can’t afford before going back to the real world (#funemployed)… They grind away at work and miss studying…

They’re bored.

“You’re bored in the year 2017? Isn’t there a mirror in the bathroom? You can look into it until it breaks,” I tell them passive aggressively but only in my head because social decorum dictates it.

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