Downloadable Collections of Past Essays and Performance Tests (CA and UBE)

Where do you find essays and performance tests to practice on?

Rather than have you go hunting for them or flip through your bar course materials, I’ve compiled past exams for California and UBE jurisdictions.

California: Here are downloadable California bar essays and selected answers going back to 2001, 90-minute California performance tests and selected answers, and where to find additional PT practice.

CA essays and selected answers

CA essay and issue locator
(use this to find when topics were tested)
90-minute CA PTs and selected answers

2019 July
2019 Feb
2018 July
2018 Feb
2017 July
2017 Feb
2016 July
2016 Feb
2015 July
2015 Feb
2014 July
2014 Feb
2013 July
2013 Feb
2012 July
2012 Feb
2011 July
2011 Feb
2010 July
2010 Feb
2009 July
2009 Feb
2008 July
2008 Feb
2007 July
2007 Feb
2006 July
2006 Feb
2005 July
2005 Feb
2004 July
2004 Feb
2003 July
2003 Feb
2002 July
2002 Feb
2001 July
2019 July
2019 Feb
2018 July
2018 Feb
2017 July

For more PT practice, see part 3 below for MPTs

UBE: Here are some example locations you can find essays, MPTs, and analyses.

  1. 2009-2013: MEE questions and analyses from NCBE (free)
  2. If you want the official analyses for 2014 and on, you can find them in the MEE study aids (paid)
  3. Some state bar websites post plenty of essays, MPTs, and selected answers