The Waiting Metagame: What If You Fail the Bar Exam?

Miss me yet? Aww really? :) But it’s only been like a month since the bar!

Instead of walking around like zombies or recovering your exuberance for life like regular people, why not think about the 2017 February bar for a bit?

Jeez, that escalated fast. You might think February is too far away to be concerned, but there’s power in anticipating the worst scenario (i.e., you fail the bar).

Take a look:

1. Changes to Real Property MBE (and MEE) in 2017 February
2. Should you retake a bar prep course? What’s the alternative?
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Thinking about the next bar? When to study for the bar exam and how long

Great Scott! It’s been a while.

Today’s the day that Marty McFly time travels to in Back to the Future II. Ironically, my previous post is titled “Don’t Time Travel.”

July feels like forever ago even for us, and times sure have changed. We even got to see Justin Bieber’s wiener (if you missed it, go see how much he’s packing).

You probably don’t miss the bar, but this is a quickie post just in case you’re looking to get a head start studying for February (even if you’re still waiting for results).

I’ve received multiple questions regarding when to start studying and how long to study after failing with Barbri. For your benefit, below is my most recent answer to that type of question, verbatim. Take a look if you’re wondering when to study for the bar exam, whether you should start studying now or later, so you can start planning contingencies at least.

In the meantime, I’ve been cooking up some sweet new material for you. Look forward to it starting the third weekend of November!

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