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How would it feel to never have to see another hypo again?

“I’ve been basking in the glory of finally passing the bar! . . . The more I simply did what you recommend in the playbook, my confidence steadily grew.

I just took the Feb CA bar and you and all of your products were a tremendous help to me, ESPECIALLY the Passer’s Playbook, your study schedules, and other methods.”

I . . . implemented it into my study routine. Basically, all of it. . . . I raised my [Arkansas UBE] score 20+ points using your study guidance, reminders, and schedules.”

Avoid putting your life, relationships, and professional career in limbo for 6 more months

(and dropping more $$$ on the next round of bar prep)

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Get clear on how to spend your limited prep time for bar prep

(instead of doing random things without direction)

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Move the needle” and stop spinning your wheels on the most important exam of your life

Learn what Barbri and Themis won’t teach you

(before it’s too late)

If you’re like many bar takers, you see your neat package of shiny new course materials and shrug:

How hard could it be? Everything I need to know is in that pile of giant books.

But does it make sense to you that…

  • You go through hours of lectures, diligent note taking, and “studying” only to be exhausted and forget 99% of it anyway?
  • “Big box” bar prep courses tell you WHAT to study, but they don’t teach you HOW to prepare for the bar exam?
  • Someone balancing a job or family has the exact same cookie-cutter one-size-fits-all study schedule as someone whose full-time job is to study for the bar?

Not to me.

You’re the dean of your own studies, not anyone else. Not Barbri, not your professors, not even me.

You don’t have to follow “The Plan.” No matter what you use, bar prep at its core is still a self-learning endeavor. Courses and supplements are merely there to support your learning. Like a buffet, or your social media feed, what’s laid out for you are just suggestions.

On my first attempt at the bar exam, I did the things that you’re probably doing…

  • Meticulously watching exhausting 4-hour-long videos (pausing them to fill in the blanks), and reading outlines religiously (sending myself thoughts and prayers)
  • Fixating on checking off all the assignment boxes and filling in the completion % meter
  • Grasping at any sense of security knowing that they had it all planned out for me. “Just follow The Plan, and you’ll pass!”—The National Association of Barbri (probably)


The truth is, these things usually don’t move the needle. You’ve probably thought about doing some of them…maybe redid them multiple times!

It wasn’t FUN or MOTIVATING because I wasn’t seeing any PROGRESS. Enjoying the process is key! The more you enjoy this process, the more energy you will have to absorb the material and sharpen that intuition. Your brain will reject what you don’t like.

I was being a tryhard but not an overachiever. I was going through the motions without doing the mental work.

Ultimately, it was a failure of myself because of arrogance, underestimation of the bar exam, and mindless tactical hell. It was caused by a failure to focus on the right things that moved the needle.

More importantly, I was allowing someone else to dictate my pace, my studies, and ultimately my fate. It was college and law school all over again, just going with the flow.

Well, could you blame me—or yourself? It’s extremely daunting and overwhelming to even think about juggling over a dozen subjects. It’s soothing to do what feels productive (like reading outlines and trying to memorize rules). You feel like you’re still in control. It becomes hard to see that a course is simply a reference tool, not a duty you must fulfill.

What I realized since was that it was up to me to prevent forest fires. No one can teach you. You can only learn.

That’s why someone who collects all the “best” tools, pays for a huge course, and studies for 12 hours a day can still end up spinning their wheels getting nowhere — while someone who knows how to study can pass without the exhaustion or frustration (seemingly effortlessly).

That’s why you don’t NEED a huge course that just eats up your precious time and energy. It provides structure (especially for first-timers and bar takers who have a lot of lead time) but can be inefficient.

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You don’t NEED to spend 1,000s of dollars on tutors. They’re great — if you can find the right one for you and afford them. (To be fair, a good tutor can be very helpful.)

Treat the bar review courses as luxury options with bells and whistles, not the default or the only option (even if they tried to convince you otherwise since your first day of law school). You wouldn’t look at first-class flights by default, right?

Courses and tutors CAN and DO work. Supplements DO help. (I’ll show you which ones to use out of the smorgasbord of options depending on your budget, and how to get discounts to offset the cost of Passer’s Playbook.)

But you don’t get an “A” for how hard you work or how much time or money you spend. You earn it for mastery.

You don’t get in shape by hiring a personal trainer or just completing the movements. You push your body consistently and make that mind-muscle connection by actively engaging the target muscle.

Again: No one can teach you. It’s up to you to learn. In the end, you’re the one who has to do it. All the tools out there can work for you as long as you realize that, no matter what you use, bar prep at its core is a self-learning endeavor.

But, as the exam gets harder and more expensive over time, you can’t afford to fall into the same mistakes I did on my first attempt.

It boils down to THREE things for proper bar exam preparation and to succeed on the bar exam:


Good source materials: outlines (like Magicsheets), past exam questions, sample answers


Will to act. Do you have the ability to self-motivate?


Knowing HOW to study (not just WHAT to study)

So it’s time to stop “studying” what to learn.

Let me show you how to learn.


Passer’s Playbook

Passer’s Playbook is a set of step-by-step blueprints, study schedules, cheat sheets, recordings, checklists, and strategies designed to help you learn HOW to learn, improve your scores, and post an award speech (humble)brag about passing the bar exam.

They’re packaged as guides of varying lengths (a few pages to a comprehensive 380 pages), editable documents, audio and video.

What’s included with Passer’s Playbook?

Accelerator Kit (Quick Wins)

Moving the needle begins today. Kickstart your bar prep with keys to success. Just internalizing ONE insight here can make a difference to your approach to bar exam preparation.

What you’ll discover:

Bar Prep Dos and Don’ts | Audit your current habits

Mistakes to Avoid for MBE, Essays, and Performance Tests | Common, low-hanging mistakes that bar takers make

Systematic Study Blueprint | A high-level roadmap for your preparation process

Cheat Sheets | Quick reference for key reminders and learning techniques

Weekly Action Plan | Suggested action steps and checkpoints from a weekly perspective

Shortnotes | Concentrated 30-page guide that distills key insights

IRAC/CRAC Examples Vault | Annotations and analyses of this all-important essay format

Supplement Shopping List | Narrow down your search, and save time and money with resources based on your budget

Pocket Guide for Your Bar Prep | 17 cut-to-the-chase strategies to get un-stuck and un-frustrated by the bar exam

101 “Rules” for Bar Prep | Bullet point advice, straight to the point

Bar Exam Week Checklist | Don’t suffer a “failure of the last mile” before, during, and after the exam

Study Scheduling Resources

You are the dean of your own studies. There’s no need to follow someone else’s general one-size-fits-all cookie-cutter schedule. Get CLEAR on what to do every day by crafting your own flexible curriculum, tailored to fit you like a handmade glove according to your needs, no matter when the exam is.

What you’ll discover:

Scheduling Guidance | Consider your unique situation with these guidelines

Sample Study Schedules | 8 different sample schedules, whether you’re 10 weeks or 1 week out

Example Study Plans (CA) | Real study plans I developed for clients (who paid several times the cost of the Playbook)

Example Study Schedules | Over a dozen schedules (up to 20 weeks) by real CA and UBE takers to inspire you

Template Schedule | Editable Word document you can use to start planning your own path

Comprehensive Guide

Learn how to learn. If you have a question about bar prep, chances are, it’s in this 380-page comprehensive guide called the “Big Playbook.” I regret my naming sense.

What you’ll discover (among other things):

Priming Your Mind and Emotions | How to maintain motivation (and more importantly, momentum)

Fundamental Study Strategies | Address the 2 biggest fears of a bar taker. Be an active learner via deliberate practice

Pacing and Scheduling | Why you should make your own “macro-schedule” (use with Study Scheduling Resources)

MBE | Strategies to improve your MBE score, advanced tactics, and multiple-choice tips to maximize points

Essays | Techniques to IRAC properly, practice essays efficiently, and get the BIG POINTS on your essays

Performance Tests | Why you should practice PTs (see the Performance Test Toolkit for strategies)

Putting It Together & “Getting Better” | Apply what you learned, get over your ego, and use this underrated strategy

Critical 1% of Strategies | 5 things I did differently to pass the bar exam on my second attempt

Final Preparation | Green-light benchmarks, last-minute tactics, and reminders when you’re weary and want to give up

Exercises & Checklists | Stay on track with the how-to insights

Q&A | Real answers to real questions relating to the above topics

After the Bar | What to do with the void in your life after taking the exam (and options if you fail…)

Interview Recordings

Feel like watching or listening instead of reading? I’ve included video and audio recordings of conversations with a bar exam expert and real bar takers. Timestamps, handout, and notes included.

What you’ll discover:

“The Three Things” | How to take the guesswork out of bar preparation and get a better sense of direction

“Be Arrogant” | Mindset to have now vs. on the exam

“The Barbri Regret” | What’s useful and not about bar review courses, and what to do instead

MBE Tools

The multiple-choice portion of the bar exam takes up to 50% of your score. Try these extra tools to sharpen your focus on the subjects and topics you want to tackle.

What you’ll discover:

MBE Subject Matter Breakdowns and Charts | See which topics to prioritize based on their frequency

MBE Practice Sheet | Fillable/printable answer sheet template for a convenient way to keep track of your answers

MBE Analytics Spreadsheet | Track your score by subject and topic to surgically target your weak areas

Performance Test Toolkit

Many bar takers neglect the performance test…until it’s too late and they regret it when they get their score reports. The PT/MPT is a hidden source of big points which doesn’t require memorization like the essays and the MBE. Figure out how to solve PTs once, and you’ll be ready for it even as you focus most of your time studying for essays and the MBE.

What you’ll discover:

Performance Test Toolkit | Get your PT prep under control with a specific approach to solve PTs and stay on time

Legacy California PT Collection | Three-hour practice PTs for hardcore students (totally optional to use)

Ongoing Support

Even with the best resource in the world, sometimes you just want to be able to get feedback on a targeted question. I’m not in the business of leaving you to pass the bar exam alone or making you pay a subscription fee.

Passer’s Playbook (like all my products) comes with:

Lifetime Access & Updates | I update the Playbook frequently, so you’ll be getting the latest insights, tricks, and schedules

Personal Email Support | Just email me if you have a question or want feedback on something (valued at $360/hr)

Youll also get signed up for weekly support emails to keep you on track until the bar exam:

Strategy Saturdays: You’ll get a coaching email handcrafted by your own bar exam strategist (me). These will discuss substantive strategies, insights, specific how-tos, mindset, and motivation.

MBE Q&A of the Week: You’ll get a question to try and visual explanations to learn from every Wednesday.

Fire-up Fridays: You’ll get a case study (you guessed it, every Friday) where I feature a bar exam passer and break down the approaches they used to overcome their challenges.

Ready to get started?

Passer’s Playbook 2.0


Accelerator Kit ($100 value)
Study Plan Examples ($2,200 value)
Study Schedule Samples ($100 value)
Study Schedule Examples & Annotations
Comprehensive Guide ($100 value)
Interview Recordings ($120 value)
MBE Tools ($50 value)
Performance Test Toolkit ($50 value)
Lifetime access and updates
Personal email support ($360/hr value)

Choose your difficulty

There is a difference between knowing the law and knowing how to USE the law.

A simple example: If you can’t see the issue in an essay, all those rules you memorized are WORTHLESS because you’ll have nowhere to fit it in.

Just based on whether you have this one example insight, we can see that one of two realities is about to unfold before you:

Face 6 more months of studying and the torture of waiting for bar results

Earn the right to make annoying humblebrag announcements about passing the bar exam people have no choice but to congratulate you for

Both paths are going to be difficult.

So choose the difficulty you prefer. It only takes a moment of strength for the lifetime privilege of calling yourself an attorney.

But honestly, you don’t care about any of that at this moment. You don’t care about celebrations.

You just want to move on and remember what happiness was like. That’s what usually happens to passers who leave me a note and simply move on to become successful attorneys. No frills. Life simply goes on without the bar exam in the way anymore.

All you want in life right now is the relief—the security of knowing you’ll be able to find better jobs, pay off those loans, and live a free life without the bar blocking your way.

So how do you start recovering the brilliant confidence you used to have?

The resource I wish I had on my first attempt at the bar exam

Any fool can learn from experience. I prefer to learn from other people’s experiences.

Passer’s Playbook is a toolkit of “how to” strategies and insights that will help cut down on fumbling. The mistakes have been made for you already.

Let me paint a more vivid picture for you:

Imagine knowing exactly what to do now that you’ve crafted a study plan that works for you (instead of slaving for it).

Imagine checking off the issues and rules in 10-20 minutes, dusting off your hands after seeing that your outline of issues and rules is just as good as the sample answer—or better. You have time to focus on other part of studying (or have a life outside of studying).

Imagine printing those past essays excitedly. Instead of hoping to be productive, you know you’re getting them all done, no question, with study techniques (more like learning techniques) that make you feel like you’re doing something right for once.

Imagine trimming the fat and doing what “moves the needle”—not just looking productive but actually learning and becoming more skillful at writing essays, solving MBE questions, and putting together an answer to the PT in time.

Imagine noticing that your hard and smart work is paying off. Your answers are improving. This improvement is motivating and giving you confidence. (Hint: You don’t wait for motivation and confidence to drop from the sky.)

Imagine smiling after having studied the exam (not just the law), while your annoying classmate and another Reddit thread are whining yet again about the harsh life of a bar taker with a rant about abolishing the bar. (Worry about that later. Like it or not, this is a licensing exam you must pass if you want to reach your goal of becoming an attorney.)

Imagine feeling confident and optimistic for the first time.

Don’t let the bar exam be a learning experience

Just one insight or improvement could be the difference between putting your life in limbo for 6 more months… vs. putting

this final hurdle behind you forever and moving on with your free life.

The first scenario happens when you haven’t learned how to learn. Many students fall into the trap of “knowing the law” but not “knowing how to use the law.” They go through the motions and end up not understanding what they consume.

And if that’s you, that’s OK. In fact, that’s common and normal!

So breathe a sigh of relief. There’s no need to worry. It’s OK to feel stuck and like you’ve plateaued, as long as you eventually become better.

That’s the comforting part: You don’t even have to be “ready” right now. That’s not the point. You’re preparing to become ready.

If you’re already getting 80% of your MBE questions correctly, you’re doing something right, but what’s next for you? You either upkeep that level…or slide downhill.

Most of your progress will come at the tail end of preparation, like compound interest.

How to study for bar exam early

The good news is that bar exam preparation is a learnable skill specific to the bar exam.

Practicing attorneys tend to not do as well on the bar exam because it is a SEPARATE skill from practice of law. You don’t need to know the intricacies of criminal procedure and real property in most attorney roles (your friends will never stop asking you to help fight their landlords, though).

Passer’s Playbook can help you build a foundation in study skills specific to bar prep — to elevate you past the initial stagnation and give you powerful insights to climb beyond the plateau (skipping the left half of the graph above).

Use the strategies tested in the field based on my own and others’ experiences over the years to gain 20/20 FORESIGHT on:

Approaching or “attacking” your preparation: How do you start studying for your bar exam?

Scheduling to pave your own path away from “The Plan”: How do you make use of your time until the exam? Create your own flexible study schedule that works for YOU (not the other way around) so you don’t have to follow the “herd of average.”

Things to DO and things to NOT do: Save time and headache by learning lessons that others find out too late

Common mistakes bar takers make with the MBE, essays, and performance tests

Add to your MBE score (which accounts for up to 50% of your score), including test-taking tactics on how to choose 50/50 choices, how to be efficient during the MBE, and how to guess with the highest chance of being right

Efficiently practicing essays: Double your essay practice efficiency (while actually enhancing the learning) so you’re not overwhelmed at the sheer amount of practice you thought you had to do

Writing like a bar taker: How do you get essay graders to give you as many points as possible? How do you “IRAC” properly? How do you avoid being “conclusory”?

Effectively identifying issues: Virtually guarantee that you identify the relevant issues to rack up points (without randomly “spotting” issues)

Getting performance tests (PTs/MPTs) under control

Priming your inner psychology for success to better manage your behaviors and put yourself in better condition for passing

Foundational study strategies to carry you throughout your studies (including getting to know your state bar’s grading methodology and how to interpret and analyze your score report)

Moving past your mental blocks and concentrate on what moves the needle (including how to ask your mentors the right questions that will elicit insight, not mere information you can easily find on Google)

How to memorize effectively so you retain and are able to recall relevant information, not just memorize words on a page

Getting on the right track and taking action so that you’re moving forward and not spinning your wheels

Final prep so you don’t suffer from the “failure of the last mile”

Recommended resources and supplements (save time and money with discounts too)

Q&As: What other real bar takers like you are concerned about and my answers to their concerns

Do you want to pass the bar exam now or 6 months later?

This is about the future…your dreams of becoming an attorney. It’s not just about passing the bar. There’s A LOT MORE at stake here.

And another 6 months of your life spent waiting for results to gestate, simmering in anxiety and uncertainty, is no joke.

The bar exam’s difficulty creeps up every year. And the more you repeat the exam, the stronger more your status quo identity as a repeater becomes. You want to avoid this as much as you can!

It puts not only yourself in limbo—but also your friends and family who may not fully understand why you’re still doing this “bar thing.”

Failing the bar exam means you’d be squandering the only things in life you can’t get back: time and relationships (and unpaid rent by your friend’s Bora Bora vacation pics living in your head).

This is an opportunity to make our friends, our parents, our family, and—most of all, your own dreams—proud.

THAT’S what’s at stake with the bar exam. It’s not just a career and a path to make a living. Professional abeyance limits your life, relationships, and dreams from reaching their full potential.

With these at stake, can you afford to take this exam another time?

The problem isn’t that you aren’t smart. The problem is that you haven’t learned how to learn. Since law school, it’s been a test of whether you know something they didn’t teach you. This is not a test of intelligence.

You have more control over this than you think. You don’t have to follow “The Plan.” You just have to learn what law school and Barbri failed to teach you.

After spending six figures on law school, 1,000s of dollars on a prep course, and another grand on application and laptop fees, anything that gives you even a 1% edge to put the bar exam behind you once and for all is worth it.

This is an investment in your career, your livelihood, and moving on with your life guilt-free.

You don’t even have to be sure if you want Passer’s Playbook right now…

Backed by a 30-day satisfaction policy

If you don’t find Passer’s Playbook helpful, just email me back within 30 days of purchase for a full refund. I’ll even eat the processing fees.

Bar prep can and should be simplified.

Ready to Make This Your Last Time?

My goal is to share the kind of insights and resources I wish I had when I first took (and failed) the bar exam:

  • Avoiding tunnel vision, traps, and blind spots that you may not realize at first
  • Not just knowing what to study — but how to study
  • Getting out of a co-dependent relationship with your bar review course

Bar prep can be daunting, but it can also be approachable. Take the back door to success with this on-demand “coach in a pocket” that will teach you the acquirable SKILL of preparing for the bar exam, the most important game of your life.

Passer’s Playbook 2.0


Accelerator Kit ($100 value)
Study Plan Examples ($2,200 value)