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The amount of law is overwhelming.

Every day is a struggle to synthesize the material and know which issues to think about as you stare at your enormous tome of an outline, hoping that the words will etch into your brain through static electricity.

But there is also a subtle difference here...

It's not really the amount of law to know that overwhelms you; it's knowing how to use that overwhelming amount of law. 

"Knowing" the law conceptually is very different from knowing how to apply it. But "they" say to pay attention to lectures, write those notes down, memorize, make flashcards! Gotta know 'em all!

After realizing this mistake from my first attempt, I needed to practice efficiently instead of falling into the trap of merely theorizing about the law. That's why I made these condensed outlines for myself so that I'd have a better shot at my second time taking (and passing) the bar. 

And I'd like to share them with you, as well as the results they brought hundreds of other bar takers (from all over the country).


You might ask yourself why you even need a supplement... why not just follow the stock one-size-fits-all program that your prep company gave you?


"Take this test seriously otherwise you will regret not giving ample time to study for a test that is not at all 'cram-able' like you might have been able to do for law school finals. This test commands respect and it will ruin your life if you do not take it seriously."—Steven L. (Virginia & California bar passer)

"Don't be scared into following your bar program if you find after paying for it that it doesn't work for you. Do what works for you, stick with it, experiment and get into a pace and method."—Sam K. (California bar passer)

Fair enough. This isn't your average test, and you're not an average candidate who wants to simply blindly follow the "big box" regimen made for the average student.

So what now. What can you do to maximize your chances of passing?

Let's look at some available options and decide the best choice for you:

Buy Lean Sheets: A condensed outline available for all 50 states. Do your due diligence if you're serious about it, though. Hell, ask a friend to split the cost with you if you like it.

"I have a set of lean sheets that someone passed on to me and they aren't useful to me personally. The structure of yours made sense."

better than Lean Sheets

TLS magicsheets approsheets

better than Lean Sheets

"Magicsheets were a lifesaver"


"[Magicsheets] were clear and gave me just what I needed to know; it was as if we were friends and you made them just for me."

Memorize all 800+ pages of your commercial prep course outlines: What is this, a book for giants?! Your brain is made for processing, not storage. The bar asks you to apply the law, not just memorize it.

What are you even doing here if you can really rummage through and memorize tomes of law? Finally decided to pass the bar for real, Mike Ross?

Magicsheets "helped me grasp certain rules/ideas better . . . were short yet comprehensive"

Marisa passed the CA bar x

Listen (again) to long, annoying video lectures: These self-labeled "professors" muttering to the camera are shotgunning concept after concept, reading off the outline. WTF? We can read the outlines ourselves just fine! Why did you pay $4,000 for that again?

Take no action: What are the risks of this? If things aren't getting better, are you going to wing it and just hope for the best (perhaps again)? Think about that one yourself.

Develop condensed outlines by yourself: Doable if you have the time. I did it. Why not you? Well, it's a lot of work.

Or you could simply skip this process and get the small stack of documents I handcrafted with the ultimate goal of helping you make this your last time and finally get on with your life.

If you heard about quality condensed outlines that could dramatically simplify practice and memorization, would you be interested in learning more about it?

If you've heard of the 80/20 rule (AKA the Pareto principle), this is a 95/5 option, where 95% of the frequently tested material you need to know is contained in 5% the size of your commercial bar prep outline.

I crafted a set of condensed, yet comprehensive, outlines of the likely issues and rules for what you need to know on the bar. I used its predecessor to pass the bar on my second try, and now I'd like to pass the improved version to you.



Your outlines were clear and gave me just what I needed to know; it was as if we were friends and you made them just for me.
—Melissa L.

Magicsheets are up to 50 pages of outlines that condense 95% of the issues and rules you should know for the subjects that are tested on the bar. There is clarity in simplicity.

(See subjects below. MBE-only and non-CA versions are also available.)

I underline each issue, pack in the specific rules and nuances in concise detail, and give a bird's eye view of where all the concepts fit.

You can use them for writing essays, answering MBE questions, and quick referencing (instead of flipping through boxes of books).

Are you taking a non-California bar exam or want to focus on MBE subjects? Get just the MBE subjects (bolded below) or all the CA-tested subjects -- with or without references to CA law (leaving you with general bar law only):

  • Business Associations (agency, partnerships, corporations)
  • Civil Procedure (federal and/or CA)
  • CA Community Property (AKA "Family Law")
  • Constitutional Law
  • Contracts
  • Criminal Law
  • Criminal Procedure
  • Evidence (federal and/or CA)
  • Professional Responsibility (ABA and/or CA)
  • Real Property (updated for 2017 July)
  • Remedies
  • Torts
  • Wills & Trusts

Check out some samples in their entirety below:

Full Samples

The best way to see if something will work for you is to actually try using it.









Magicsheets - Real Property (2017)
Magicsheets - Con Law
Magicsheets - Business Associations


“I’m still having trouble deciding. Why should I get this?”

  • IT HELPS YOU MEMORIZE. Linear, organized, bird’s eye view of how the issues and rules relate to major topics, easily reviewable (frequency is key to memorization).
  • IT HELPS YOU PRACTICE. Comprehensive issues and complete rules organized for quick reference so you can answer MBE questions, issue check for essays, or even base your own outlines on them.



  • YOU DON'T NEED ALL SUBJECTS. Options to purchase MBE subjects separately or together with CA subjects, your choice. (Non-CA variants also available.)
  • YOU CAN ACTUALLY READ IT. Concise yet legible and easy to understand, with complete thoughts and few abbreviations, which are defined in a separate index for your convenience.
  • ACCURATE AND PRECISE. Law researched from multiple sources: Barbri, Kaplan, real MBE questions and answers, class notes, actual statutes and codes, et al.
  • I'M HERE TO HELP. Direct, personal email support—email me if you need help with it or anything else.
  • SIMPLE. PDFs simply in black and white, no fancy colors to mess up your printing.


  • ORGANIZED TO MAKE SENSE. Nested format that promotes top-level main issues and demotes exceptions and nuances. Tables for easy comparison of related concepts when appropriate.
  • FIND WHAT'S FAIR GAME. Easy-to-spot potential issues (underlined): great for developing a mental checklist of issues or for a last-minute refresher.
  • FIND WHAT'S IMPORTANT. Easy-to-spot important rules, elements, and issues (bolded or italicized).
  • FIND THOSE PESKY DISTINCTIONS. Easy-to-spot jurisdictional distinctions, e.g., FRE vs. CA, ABA vs. CA, majority vs. minority law, common law ([bracketed and/or bolded]) (applicable to CA versions).
  • NO RISK. 30-day refund policy: If you don't find it helpful, send me a note within 30 days of purchase to get a full refund and a personal note from me.
  • ALWAYS IMPROVING. You may get product updates with tweaks, improvements, and additions of recently tested issues & rules as I find appropriate, like software patches. Yes, Real Property is updated for 2017 July (see sample above).

(only when they're ready though)

  • FEELS GOOD MAN. That feeling of being knowledgeable and less anxious. A peace of mind that is valuable under severe pressure...

Magicsheets "were a tremendous help to me!"


You owe this to yourself


What will happen if you try? What will happen if you don't? Would you rather invest now or pay later?

I don't know. We are terrible predictors of the future. There's no way for me to guarantee an outcome, but I can help you weigh the outcomes. You never know when a small token investment (compared to a retake) could come in handy.

"I think the Magicsheets made all the difference for me"


Versus BarEssays

"Thank you so much for that. 100% worth the investment. What an amazing resource."


Here's what you get

You'll get a set of comprehensive condensed reference outlines, each subject as its own PDF file.

These subjects are included (MBE subjects bolded):

  • Business Associations (agency, partnerships, corporations)
  • Civil Procedure (federal and/or CA)
  • CA Community Property (AKA "Family Law")
  • Constitutional Law
  • Contracts
  • Criminal Law
  • Criminal Procedure
  • Evidence (federal and/or CA)
  • Professional Responsibility (ABA and/or CA)
  • Real Property (updated for 2017 July)
  • Remedies
  • Torts
  • Wills & Trusts

Non-CA (general law) versions of the above subjects that omit all references to CA law are available too!

Are you taking the UBE or want to focus on MBE subjects?

Unfortunately, the above subjects do not completely overlap with some of the MEE subjects at this time (like Family Law, Secured Transactions, and Conflict of Laws).

You may consider getting just the MBE subjects (bolded above) or all the listed subjects without references to California law (leaving you with general bar law only).


If you're reading this, you know my free material is unlike anything out there. You can expect the same with my time-tested premium material.

So again, I am taking on 100% of the risk with a 30-day refund policy. If you find that these are not for you, send me a note for a full refund.

"I finally passed the California bar (this was my third attempt), and I can say with certainty that it was the Magicsheets that got me over my mental hurdle regarding the volume of material to be learned."

There is clarity in simplicity. Now if you're ready to stop wasting time flipping through books that work your arm more than your brain... click below:


Get Magicsheets (MBE) — $39

Get Magicsheets (MBE + CA Subjects) — $49

Reminder: I only have CA subjects at this time, but non-CA versions omitting all references to California law are available too!

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If you're feeling extra ambitious, Approsheets (my essay attack sheets for systematic issue identification) are the perfect companion tool for attacking essays. You can get both for $10+ less:

Get the Magicsheets ($49) + Approsheets ($39) Suite — $77


"Definitely should have been studying earlier. I should have bought your magic/appro sheets earlier. They are very good - the best condensed outlines I have seen."—Katy R.

"I used both your Approsheets and your Magicsheets guides, and I can tell you that it is money well spent. I took the 2017 July California Bar Exam, and I am happy to say that I passed the first time I took it, thanks in part to Approsheets and Magicsheets  Your guides helped me out during the last month of review, because they provide quick, easy, and crystal clear rules and flowcharts to succeed in both the Essay and MBE exams. I will definitely recommend your product to future test-takers, and to my school's Academic/Bar Exam success coordinator.   Feel free to post this on your site, but this is simply a glowing 5-star review of your product. Thanks!"


If you're not sure whether Magicsheets are right for you at the moment, let's see if that's the case...

I don't want you to come whining to me, so do NOT get Magicsheets if...


...You will not follow through. Having these might make you feel all warm and fuzzy (that's what happens to Hobbes' tail whenever Calvin is about to cause trouble), but you still need to do the work.

Information is not enough. I can give you a weapon, but you still have to pull the trigger. I can prepare the ingredients, but you have to cook and chew yourself. Any more analogies? 

You can buy all sorts of tools, but they will not help you themselves! Don't just be a tool collector.

...You think it’s OK to buy this just because you already spent an enormous amount of money on law school. This is a sunk-cost fallacy. You should instead be trying to save as much as you can.

If you feel that this material will save in the long run (by preventing a retake, for example), that is a good reason. Even then, I encourage you to be selective about how you supplement your studies, especially if you took out a bar loan.

Is my product right for you? Do your research, and try to pick ones that are best suited for you. You’re here to make your life easier. Get whatever makes sense to you and will get you to practice.

...You like flashcards more. These are pure outlines. But maybe you can think of these as a stack of 50 "flash pages"? Personally, I'm much of a flashcard guy.

...You do not have at least some familiarity with the tested body of law already. Depending on where you are in your studies, it's definitely possible for you to skip straight to Magicsheets.

But this isn't just more material for you to study; these condensed outlines will augment and support what you are learning or have already learned. My blog posts can valuable at any time, but Magicsheets may not be most useful in the very beginning of bar prep when you are getting familiar with the subjects, or if you have never taken classes for particular subjects in law school.

...You're looking for a quick fix, unless you are truly desperate for a last-minute hail mary. I recommend you get these with at least 1-2 weeks to spare. The value here is getting down a strong foundation of I and R so that the A and C flow out like rainbows out a unicorn's ass. This isn't intended to be a last-minute backup plan!

You be the judge

There, I've done my part. I've laid out the reasons to and reasons not to acquire the material I'm offering for a limited time. Now it's your turn to make a choice.

What's the matter? Truth got caught in your eye, and now you're crying? Get in here, or get out.

Feel free to continue enjoying my free stuff like blog posts, emails, PT guide, links to resources, essay bank, personal responses to your barrage of questions, emotional support, etc.

Or get the remaining 5% of my materials, which is even more remarkable than my free stuff. I worked very hard to put it together for you. This premium material is not right for everyone, but you will know if you are.


Even if you later decide it isn't for you, you can get a full refund and do whatever you want with it. I'm surprised more people don't try to scam me with this kind of deal.

"But wait! Do I need PayPal? Oh well, that's too bad because I don't have an account."

Nope! Time is your most valuable asset right now. So I've made it very easy for you to check out with a credit card, even though doing so will incur almost double the processing fees for me.

You can also use PayPal if you want. Don't worry; I'm using a trusted e-commerce merchant, and I won't have access to your payment info, ever.

Can you tell I really want you to have the absolute best experience? I'm happy to continue to help with my free material (which you know is already premium quality), but I also want to make the best product of its kind and offer a premium experience to the right people.

I totally understand the need to limit your budget at this point in your career. You've already spent hundreds here and thousands there just for the privilege to sit for this test. If you can power through this by yourself, I commend you and recommend that you save your cash.

But I will not let you feel ashamed of yourself thinking you could have done better. I want you to feel proud of your accomplishments coming out of one of the hardest exams you'll ever take. I don't want you to cancel your post-bar trip because you’re stricken with guilt. I don't want you to feel worthless because that person passed while you didn't. I don't want you to spend Christmas morning with MBE questions and awkward family moments like I did.

Your dreams of finally stepping into the new world are within reach. Don't postpone your dreams. It's your turn to dash toward the light. My fortune cookie once told me:


Once you hold the power of your bar number in your hands, they welcome you with open hands and welcome you to their world. Is this what it feels like to be an attractive individual? Wow! The difference is stark. Don't miss out on this foreign feeling.

Scaling this obstacle will mean a world of difference... a lifetime privilege for you to enjoy.

You won’t have to tell your friends or attorney contacts, “Oh, Y-YEAH… it was really HARD… You should check out the released exams online… They were so—” as their eyes glaze over and regret taking you to lunch.

Your state bar doesn't treat you like crap. Other attorneys become nice(r) to you. Work gushes in from all around you. Your online dating profile becomes 10x more appealing. Other people get more excited than you about it.




Imagine this day with me. Where will you be when you check your result? 

As you stare at the sadistic countdown on the results page, nauseated with uncertainty and impatience, will you feel more hopeless or more hopeful to see this?

The name above appears on the pass list.


If you are lost, out of control, or just need a little boost, I want to remind you that you are not alone in this endeavor. My materials are here, your friends are here, and other outlines are out there somewhere. Don't let your emotional and mental stress take its toll on you for good.

Therefore, if you feel this is the right time, if you want to end 2017 with amazing results, I hope that you’ll decide that my materials are the right choice. It's very easy and convenient to get access to them.

If not, no harm done—we’ll still part as friends. Of course there is no obligation, and I wish you the best of luck.

Again, I am making this a no brainer. I take on 100% of the risk with a 30-day refund policy. Try it out, and if you don’t think my material helped, I don’t want your money. Just email me.

If you are ready to take the next step in your bar prep (for less than $4 per subject), click below to confirm your instant delivery of Magicsheets, yours to keep forever, with lifetime updates.

(Reminder: Non-CA versions omitting all references to California law are available too! Click here be taken back to the list of exactly what you'll get.)


Get Magicsheets (MBE) — $39

Get Magicsheets (MBE + CA Full Set) — $49

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If you're feeling extra ambitious, Approsheets (my essay attack sheets for systematic issue identification) are the perfect companion tool for attacking essays. You can get both for $10+ less:

Get the Magicsheets ($49) + Approsheets ($39) Suite — $77

Thanks for reading. I’m happy that I was able to make a positive contribution to your outlook on the bar. Best of luck with your studies.


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Hey! Did you just skip down here?

Good, you've come to the right place.

I can't tell you if Magicsheets are right for you… I can only tell you that they helped me and many others.

So let me STFU and let these people speak for themselves.


"I should've gotten them sooner!"


passing the bar


"I also passed the bar ... and can guarantee these sheets had something to do with it!"






"I have purchased Brian's outlines - and they helped a lot - to condense what I have learned"








Testimonial Ix


Testimonial Sx


Testimonial Sh









Kathleen Magicsheets




Magicsheets awesome


better than Lean Sheets


Karrie passed her second time


Marisa Magicsheets Approsheets x


Hey! Did you just skip down here?

Good, you've come to the right place.

I can't tell you if Magicsheets are right for you… I can only tell you that they helped me and many others.

So let me STFU and let these people speak for themselves.